Antò Menghi

alias antocreadev

Fullstack Developer & Creative Technologist.

Connecting art and technology to make the world more beautiful and intelligent.




ARGOS (Automatic Route for GeOlocation System) is a digital tool designed to determine the geolocation of hotspots in vegetation fires in mountainous areas using thermal images obtained by a drone-mounted camera. The project is developed as part of the GOLIAT project affiliated with UMR SPE 6134 at the University of Corsica, aiming to provide a tool to aid in the fight against forest fires. Due to the increasing intensity of fires linked to climate change, firefighters are facing increasingly challenging tasks. The ARGOS project calculates the GPS positions of detected hotspots from drone thermal images and generates results in various file formats: txt, csv, kml, gpx, json, geojson, and shapefile. These results can be viewed on a satellite map integrated into the application and can also be downloaded for integration into other software. It should be noted that the ARGOS project is currently under patent and enjoys intellectual property protection.


Dataviz - Life Expectancy in the EU

The project aims to design data visualizations for the web with animated support. The goal is to address the question: 'How to design relevant data visualizations aligned with a communication objective?' The main steps involve data selection, analysis, and processing, creating visual assets for the web, implementing animated supports, and creating responsive web pages with rich interactions.


Dataviz - Scopra

Scopra is a website created for the DataViz challenge, aiming to geolocate the main points of interest in Corsica. The site references monuments in Corsica based on the dataset from the opendata.corsica platform. To make the site more interactive, we developed a graphical interface that allows users to visualize different locations on an interactive map of Corsica, using the open-source Leaflet JS library. The project includes a sorting algorithm for the search bar and categories, a visual identity with photos, a logo, and a tagline, as well as a UI design implementation in CSS to enhance accessibility and understanding of the site.


I am Anthony MENGHI, currently enrolled in the third year of a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Sciences (SPI) with a specialization in Computer Science.
My academic and professional journey is dedicated to software development, with a strong passion for web and application development.
I have acquired in-depth skills in both front-end and back-end development.
My interest extends beyond coding and encompasses various areas such as interactive media, algorithms, data structures, networks, and artificial intelligence.
My previous professional experience as a junior full-stack developer has allowed me to apply my skills and develop a solid understanding of market needs.
I would describe myself as serious, determined, and constantly eager to learn, always seeking to excel in the ever-evolving world of technology.