Dataviz - Scopra

Skills : FrontEnd, DataViz

Date : 2023

Scopra - Geolocation of Monuments in Corsica

I. Introduction

Scopra is a project designed for the DataViz challenge. The project’s objective is to geolocate the main monuments in Corsica using data from the platform. It aims to make the discovery of points of interest in Corsica more interactive through an interactive map of the region.

screenshot of the site

II. Features

Scopra offers the following features:

  • Sorting monuments by categories.
  • Search bar to quickly find a specific monument.
  • Geolocation of monuments on an interactive map of Corsica by clicking on a location in the list.

III. Technologies Used

  • Use of the open-source Leaflet JS library for the interactive map.

IV. Graphic Identity

To enhance the accessibility and understanding of the site, we have created a graphic identity including:

  • Illustrative photos for each monument.
  • A logo and a tagline for the project.
  • Implementation of UI design in CSS for better ergonomics.

V. Project Team

Scopra was created by Mehdi Ghoulam and Anthony Menghi.

VI. Conclusion

Scopra provides an interactive experience for discovering monuments in Corsica. Its user-friendly interface, sorting and search features, as well as its interactive map, make this project a valuable tool for visitors wishing to explore Corsica.

The Scopra project is accessible here.

VII. Appendix