The Man from Earth

Skills : Graphics, Audiovisual, Communication

Date : 2022

Project: The Man from Earth Communication Campaign

This project is based on the film “The Man from Earth” by Richard Schenkman, released in 2022. It focuses on creating a communication strategy, graphic design, and producing audiovisual products. The objective is to promote the film before its release in October. The project was carried out in a group of four people and is divided into several key phases:

The Man from Earth Poster


The project revolves around the film “The Man from Earth” and involves three communication axes: communication strategy, graphic element creation, and the production of audiovisual products, including a short film and a trailer.

Communication Strategy and Plan

The project starts with an analysis of the film’s existing elements, including themes, tone, message, and the trailer. It aims to generate interest by playing on uncertainty, suspense, and questioning beliefs.

Communication Plan

A detailed communication plan is developed, including the dissemination of elements on social networks, timelines, days and hours of publication, and the definition of personas to reach a diverse audience.

The Man from Earth Poster

Graphic Identity Creation

A poster is created for the film, highlighting key elements of the movie, such as a man falling from an hourglass, symbolizing immortality. Merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and keychains are also designed to promote the film.

The Man from Earth Poster The Man from Earth Poster The Man from Earth Poster

Audiovisual Production

A short film is written, filmed, and edited, exploring the theme of immortality. Four trailers are produced to capture the attention of viewers.


The project allowed the acquisition of skills in communication, audience analysis, graphic design, and audiovisual production. The experience was enriching, providing a first approach to group work.

The project highlights the importance of communication in promoting a film, with a particular emphasis on strategy, visual creation, and audiovisual production. The content is accompanied by links to the short film and trailers to facilitate the dissemination and promotion of the film.