Arbuteus - Beer Packaging

Skills : Graphics

Date : 2023

Packaging of Arbouse Beer


The Student Project aims to create the packaging for a fictional arbouse beer, exploring strategic positioning, flavor selection, brand definition, and graphic design, including the logo, label, etc.

Strategic Positioning

  • The beer targets the booming market of craft beer.
  • No brewery specializing in arbouse has been identified.
  • The arbousier is symbolic, associated with resistance, fertility, loyalty, and peace.

Target and Persona


  • Consumers of local craft beer.
  • Enthusiasts of unique flavors.
  • Interest in Corsican products.
  • Support for local artisans. Persona:
  • Age: 20-100 years
  • Location: France
  • Responsible consumption, appreciates beer diversity.

Container and Label Choice

  • Bottle preferred for a local and organic craft beer.
  • Basic rectangular label of 8 cm by 6 cm.


Logo Creation


  • Inspired by the arbousier, depicting the flower-to-fruit cycle.
  • Used Adobe Illustrator for detailed design.
  • Adopted a minimalist 2D style.

Typography Choice


  • “Selino” font for a premium image.
  • Complemented by Helvetica Light for additional information.

Color Choices

  • Incorporates arbousier colors with gradients to symbolize the cycle.

Graphic Style and Layout


  • Minimalist, clean, modern in 2D to represent a simple arbouse beer.
  • Layout avoids a low-end effect, giving a premium appearance.

Web Advertisements

Web Ad

  • Created visuals with the label integrated into a bottle, near an arbousier.
  • Developed a GIF showing the rotating bottle.


The SAE covers strategic positioning, graphic design, and web advertising, emphasizing the creation of a distinctive product and the visual communication process.