Display Paghjella Poster

Skills : Graphics, FrontEnd

Date : 2023

This project aims to create an interactive poster about Paghjella, a Corsican chant. The goal is to modernize its perception while preserving its essence, focusing on the user experience.

The project begins with the creation of a minimalist visual with a dominant central element. Typography and color choices are carefully considered to reflect Paghjella.

Interactivity is introduced through a QR code leading to an interactive website. Various approaches are considered, including adding sounds and animations to guide the user and enhance their experience.

The project is published on GitHub for digital dissemination.

In conclusion, the project seeks to modernize Paghjella while respecting its heritage, prioritizing the user experience. Despite some time-related compromises, it is considered successful.

Link: https://antocreadev.github.io/SAE402/

Source Code: https://github.com/antoCreaDev/SAE402/